Injured Victims

It is reported in the North Eastern Railway report that 81 people were injured in the crash. The following information has been compiled based on research of the Shields Gazette and Newcastle Chronicle held at South Shields and Newcastle Libraries.

Name Age Address  
Wm. Angus 41 75 Morton Street, South Shields Labourer – fracture to both bones of the left leg.
Lance-Corporal Caffery  Regent Street, South Shields 2nd Northumberland Fusilier, fractured leg. Read More
William Close 39 16 Atkinson Road, Fulwell Employed by Messrs. Wigham Richardson and Co. Right shoulder injured.
J Eales Sunderland ASC – Shock and bruises.
F Elliott 42  21 Henry Street, Sunderland Caulker – spinal injury and shock.
Thomas Glasnade (Glannade) 29 43 Clevdon Street, South Shields Hopperman – slight injuries.
Austin Haines 32 51 Wilson Street, Millfield Employed at the Walker Naval Yard. Injuries to legs and face.
Dennis Halloran 43 15 Vane Terrace, Hendon Injuries to nose and hips.
John Hanney 40 40 Railway Cottages, Green Lane, Tyne Dock Platelayer – scalp wound and amputation of the lower right forearm.
William Hunter Ashley Road, Tyne Dock Driver of Shunting Engine
H Lee 13 Alice Street, South Shields
Francis McArdle 52 Monk Street, Sunderland Fireman of train from South Shields
A Morrell 25 Eldon Street, South Shields
Edmund Morris 49 33 Agnes Street, South Shields Hopperman – slight injuries.
William Quaintill 33 91 Alice Street, South Shields Boilermaker – scalp wound, extensive burns to the back, and bruising to the left foot.
James Ramsey 22 Redhead Avenue, South Shields Injury to the right hand and depressed fracture of the skull.
John Robley 53 36 Crofton Street, Tyne Dock Fireman – fractured leg.
R Smith 1 Stockbridge, Newcastle Shock and rather serious bruises.
William Jas Smith 51 Spencer Street, Heaton Driver – was in charge of the train from South Shields.
Wm. Softley 30 494 John Williamson Street Coppersmith – fracture to the right leg.
Wm. Stewart 56 3 Thomas Street, South Shields Electrician – compound fracture of the left leg and injury to the right hand.
George William Taylor The driver of the Hebburn engine – slightly injured
Albert h. Thompson 40 2 Vine Street, Sunderland Platelayer – fracture to the left leg and bruising.
William Watson 29 6 Cleft Street, Sunderland Injury to wrist, and shock.
Wm. Watt 14 110 Catherine Street, South Shields Office boy – bruising of the lower limbs and lower parts of the body.
P Welsh 56 Mill Street, North Shields
Keith White 24 16 Newbury Street, South Shields Engineer – compound fracture of the left leg and extensive burns to both legs.
Alfred Wyatt 36 29 Napier Street, South Shields Injuries to back and shock.

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