The St Bede’s Junction Accident

Jarrow     December 17th 1915    Approximately 7:20 am

 The 7:05 am passenger train from South Shields to Newcastle collided with a Light Engine that had been supporting a goods train from Dock Bottom. Both engines were derailed fouling the down line. Almost immediately the 6:58 am empty passenger train from Hebburn to South Shields ran into the wreckage. The two lead vehicles (carriages) of the South Shields train were considerably damaged, telescoped together and caught fire.

At the time of the accident it was still dark and it was a very foggy morning.

The vehicles of the South Shields train were lit by gas, which was housed underneath the carriages. It is believed that the fire that consumed the first two vehicles was due to the gas escaping.

Seventeen passengers were killed and eighty one passengers were injured