Thomas Winter


Fireman for N.E.R.C


487 Stanhope Road South Shields

Evidence of Identification

Matthew Winter, a coal trimmer, identified Thomas Winter as his son. The deceased was a locomotive fireman employed by the N.E.R and left home on Friday morning to go to work at Green Lane sheds, and later the witness heard that there had been a serious railway collision. He afterwards saw his son in a signalman’s house. He was lying on a couch, and appeared to be badly hurt. The deceased was taken to the infirmary, where he died on Saturday. He was severely scalded and burned.

Death Register 

Thomas Winter Birth Date 1892 Date of Registration March 1916 Aged 24 Registration district S/S Durham Volume 10a page 904

1911 Census 

Matthew Winter                   Coal Trimmer                                  Age 42

Hannah Winter                                                                                  Age 43

Thomas Winter                    Engine Cleaner                                Age 19

Isaac Humphrey Winter*    Clerk for coal company              Age 18

William Winter**                  Wagon Greaser for N.E.R               Age 17

Barbara Todd Winter                                                                       Age 11

*Isaac joined the D.L.I before transferring to the Labour corp Reg No 481753. Joined up in South Shields on 3 November 1916 and Discharged on 26 October 1918.

**William joined the Royal engineers, Railway Operating Division. Reg Nos. 210673 & 261993.  Embarked with B.E.F in France on 4 February 1917. Medal Roll – Victory and British War Medals. Discharged on 15 November 1919.